Satya Sanaatan Dharma

(My Way Of Life)



Try it. I dare you to try a path that involves God. 

In this fast paced world, we are moving even further away from the Light which sits within us; life itself. In fact, it is so easy for us to be left with a blank, when confronted with so many numerous trials and tribulations that life so often throws at us. Where to go? What do do?Whom to turn to.  We often find ourselves turning to darker sources for solutions, while some of us remain stagnant. So yes, I dare you to indulge to some extent on a path that involves "God". You are a seeker after all. Maybe you're not sure what it is you're seeking.

The fact is: many of us have forgotten our Way of Life. Even more so, many of us have set up our lives in such a way that our Religion is only a small part it. It seems as though we feel that whatever happens in our everyday life, has no relation in any way to our Dharma.This is a very grave misconception, and is the driving thought behind the creation of this web site.

There are numerous paths to choose from in this life; not everyone wants to walk the same path. So why not try to understand how we can find our goal(s) through a path that satisfies our very intrinsic nature? Mantras are powerful creations of letters, sound and metres that drive through the very pores of our bodies to connect with our inner-most self in an effort to awaken positive energy. Bhajans are like codes that unlock the sacred relationship between the Jeevaatma (Individual Soul) and Paramaatma (The Super Soul). If you want to know more, please dive into the sight! I. Dare. You. 


Dipak Ajay Rambharose

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